The Rise of Digital Art

When people imagine art, their minds may think of traditional mediums such as painting and sculpture. However, new technological advancements have led to the rise of digital art. Devices such as iMacs allow users to create works that could never have been possible before the computer age. Apple products, however, can be too pricey for some. The good news is that affordable refurbished iMacs are available from mResell. This hardware opens up a plethora of artistic possibilities.

Image Editing Software

Apple is renowned for its easy to use image editing programmes. Photoshop can run on an mResell refurbished iMac and the images created may be posted online. Some artists like to produce designs entirely from scratch. They will start with a blank digital canvas. However, it is also common to upload a picture and then transform it until it becomes something entirely different. Whichever option a person goes for, they will have hours of fun experimenting.

Selling Prints Online

It is even possible to make money from one’s art. The eCommerce sector has grown considerably recently. Anyone can start their own online store. Customers may order prints of the artist’s work. One popular option is to sell them as t-shirts. It is essential that sellers only use images that they own the right to. Otherwise, they could end up breaking copyright laws.


During the noughties, Flash animations were a staple of the internet. Apple users would get creative and make increasingly more elaborate ones. This program is now obsolete. However, a dedicated community of animation artists remain. These people tend to utilise iMacs. If they are concerned about the high cost, they can order a refurbished one from mResell. It is difficult to make money from this form of art. Using reliable second-hand hardware will be more cost-effective.

Social Media

Artists who want to gain a following should take advantage of social media. Creating a page to showcase their work has proven to be a tried and tested method. These pages could also lead visitors to their eCommerce store. An iMac is a perfect device to use because the interface is so simple. Even people who are not very tech-savvy can eventually learn to master this tech.