Digital Art

Digital art has become increasingly popular with the creation of computers, laptops and modern programmes which can manipulate and add to all kinds of images. Digital art is mostly used on websites, games and various social media. 3D animation is also a part of the digital art phenomenon.

Digital art is made entirely using computer programmes or by manipulating existing artworks and hand-drawn pictures that are scanned and then completed using programmes such as Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

The phrase ‘digital art‘ was first coined in the 1980s. However, early digital art was being created even in the 1960s. Kenneth Knowlton and Leon Harmon created some of the first digital art images by taking a photograph of a nude woman. It was changed with computer pixels and transformed into a picture made up of many small computer pixels to make up a larger image.

With the development of technology, art has also undergone several changes and modifications. As such, digital art, or computer art, is a kind of modern art that is mostly used in creating websites, video games, clip art, and templates. Digital art includes 3D animation for films, television, commercials, and web advertising.