Art Makes Us See the World Differently

Looking at an art piece always gets different reactions from the viewers and makes us question not only what is being seen but also the way that we perceive the world around us.

What Do You See and Feel?

Two people looking at the same art can see and feel completely different things. For example, some people feel shocked when they see all the swirls of light in “Starry Nights” while others feel oddly calm and at ease. Looking at pictures from the Baroque period may show people with all kinds of emotions. It may make someone question what emotion the person feels as something happens. Some people may wonder if what they are feeling and seeing is the same or completely different. This process of reflection makes us question the world around us, and if our emotional responses are different.

It Challenges Our Interpretions

Many paintings from the Baroque or Renaissance eras have a historical or religious theme which challenges our view of history. By showing more expression on the faces of people or using different painting techniques, it can bring about all kind of discussion about men’s or women’s roles. For example, Artemisia Gentileschi showed naturalism in her paintings. Even the importance of religion in a painting can be debated. Interpretations of a culture can also be discussed from looking closely at an action or even a piece of clothing.

Art is so important for our understanding of the world around us and also ourselves. Changing small things in art and various techniques are almost endless. The topics of discussion can change as a result.