Art Challenges the Senses

The senses can be challenged significantly by looking at a painting. Sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing are all tested by looking at the art of all kinds of different styles. Our senses all have a role in perceiving our emotions.

How Does Art Challenge Our Senses?

The vibrant colours and use of light in impressionism immediately makes an impact on the sight of the viewer. The emotions of excitement or joy may be shared depending on the person. However, expressionist painters may use darker colours and distorted shapes which may be perceived as destructive to a person’s sight.

Touch is a surprisingly easy sense to demonstrate to the viewer. A large sun which shows people struggling under the heat can make us resonate with the excitement and emotions that are associated with the weather. Smell is a sense that is often used by many painters. Observers of art can identify with the scent and beauty of colourful flowers seen in many styles of art.

Art is a beautiful way for people to use all of their senses and feel the excitement, joy, horror, shock and amazement about what they are sensing.