Collaborations with Nature


Water, harvested from surrounding streets and cleansed in biofiltration swales, falls from terracotta troughs suspended over the wetlands of Sydney Park.


Water Falls is an integrated environmental artwork installation for the City of Sydney’s “Sydney Park Stormwater Harvesting Stage 2” Project for the wetland system at Sydney Park in St Peters.


Stormwater is harvested from the surrounding catchment and filtered in biofiltration swales throughout the wetlands. As the cleansed water leaves the swales in the downstream wetlands, it is revealed and celebrated in in a fan of terracotta troughs suspended over the water. Water runs along the troughs after a rain event and falls into the wetland ponds. The simple steel support structures provide bird perches, integrating the artwork into both the stormwater and habitat systems of the wetlands.


The Water Falls installation at the uppermost wetland celebrates the recycling of water throughout the wetlands.Water is piped back to the head of the system and released through the multiple waterfalls of the entrance sculpture. Water falls along and through a linear series of terracotta troughs. At each descending trough water falls intriguingly from both ends. A diminishing stream of water falls from one trough to the next. At the other end of each trough, a series of equally calibrated water flows fall to the pond below, activating its surface in a sequence of expanding and intersecting ripples.