Collaborations with Nature

Time Rings

Time Rings encircle each of the eight fig trees that line the central path in Bicentennial Park Stage II. This sculptural installation is inspired by the growth of the trees from their early planting through to their maturity in several decades time. It is an interactive sculptural installation that will be intentionally displaced by the growing trees.


The Time Rings ‘describe’ the fig trees' growth through the increasing diameter of each consecutive ring. The rings comprise a varying number of stone units that are inscribed with specific yet random dates in the future. The dates themselves are a selection children’s birthdays from the local primary school. The smallest ring has dates between 1997 and 1999, the next ring has dates between 2000 and 2009, and each larger ring has dates from the ensuing decade. The dates might inspire one to imagine what they or their child will be doing on, for example, 28.02.68 and how much the fig tree will have grown by then. The pace of contemporary life is contrasted with the slow and consistent growth of the trees.


As the figs’ buttressing roots begin to grow they will slowly displace the units of the Time Rings. Eventually the fig trees will create ruins of these perfect circles and their toppled dates will serve to trigger memories of a past shared by the old and giant trees and the local community.