Collaborations with Nature


Standing at the prow of Barangaroo’s ferry terminals like towering bow sprits, three 40 metre tall tide and wind-activated sculptures serve as iconic markers for the urban transformation of Barangaroo. Like beacons and barometers of the tides and winds, they transform their shape in response to the elements.


As much dynamic energy as form, these animated sculptures open out and down as the tide falls and close up and high as it rises. Directly connected to the harbour, the immediacy of their response translates the enormous forces of the tide into giant line drawings in the sky.


The wind activates the two uppermost lines of each sculpture to transcribe its’ invisible eddies. Like lithe acrobats they perform with the erratic play of winds off strong steady support arms connected to the tides below. Precariously counterbalanced they are free to tilt and sway or turn 360 degrees according to the nature of wind.  


Reminiscent of maritime cranes yet suggestive of marine birds they at once embody the sites industrial heritage and announce its environmentally sustainable renewal.