Collaborations with Nature

Tidal Cranes

Tide, wind and solar power are harnessed for promenade lighting and diurnal performances in a row of Tidal Cranes. Echoing the rhythms of the former ‘working harbour’s boats, the skyline is activated by angular lines of pivoting crane-like sculptures. Like sentinels striking poses along the promenade, they stridently occupy their waterside territory yet move like graceful dancers.


Where land meets water, city meets harbour and past meets future, these ‘new age’ ‘eco-cranes’ perform the twice-daily translations of the tides. Powered by the ebb and flow of the tide, the luffing of the jib arms visually announce the local tidal position and slew up to 360 degrees in response to the direction of the wind. Momentary wave action is expressed in flutter movements of the long arms.


In a context defined by the interface of built form and elemental forces, the tidal light cranes are direct kinetic sculptural conduits to nature's ineluctable processes.