Collaborations with Nature


An Artwork Activated by Children Paying homage to Heffron Hall and Albert Sloss Reserve as the site of one of Darlinghurst’s first community playground, S(w)ing activates the ‘Urban Window’ with an interactive and kinetic artwork. The narrow building-wide void space is transformed by the performing artwork into a ‘street theatre’ where the ‘strings’ are pulled by children playing in the space below.


Swinging Discs Three pairs of translucent, illuminated and jewel-coloured discs are suspended within the void space of Heffron Hall’s Burton Street façade. Each pair comprises two conjoined shallow domed shape lower discs varying in diameter, attached by a rigid leg to an upper counterweight disc. When activated, the discs swing east-west in staggered intersecting arcs. Overlapping in varying degrees, their movement mixes vivid colour and illuminated pattern.


Each pair of discs is a single translucent colour in hot pink, vibrant yellow and vivid orange. Overlapping they create a live colour mix. The discs are illuminated by LED edge-lighting. Concentric circles etched into the internal surface of the acrylic are dramatically highlighted by edge-lighting. Vivid lines of varying width and distance apart are inscribed in light. The resulting moments of overlapping pattern are reminiscent of intersecting doppler patterns in water.


S(w)ing is an artwork at play. Interactively and performatively, it encourages Heffron Hall users and passersby to physically and imaginatively play with it. S(w)ing joyously embraces the contemporary Darlinghurst community’s spirit of 24 hour play and celebrates the first coming together of the community to play in the original Albert Sloss Re- serve playground.