Collaborations with Nature


Written by the sun, words appear and disappear at different times of the day and year in shadows cast by Sunscript’s hidden word canopy.


Like a flock of birds, lines spread vertically and horizontally across layers of aerial wires create an intriguing shade structure for the library’s public domain.


The angle of the sun at particular times of the day and year cast word shadows of these otherwise abstract lines. Overhead the canopy reads as abstract pattern. On the ground below, individual words move into and out of alignment within a carpet of endlessly transforming shadows.


Sunscript’s words refer to the history of Shea’s Creek and the communities and industries it has supported over time. Only a few words are legible at any given time. The word FLOW for example appears at midday in summer but has disappeared by the afternoon when DRYING GREEN comes into focus. In winter FLOW no longer appears and instead MAGARI, the aboriginal word for ‘to fish’ can be read at noon.


In the public domain of Green Square’s new library, words, ephemerally written then erased by the sun, playfully engage the community with the ever-changing qualities of the sun’s light and history of the site’s watercourse, communities and industries. Engaging time, environment, history and community, Sunscript inspires discovery, memory, and playful wonder.