Collaborations with Nature

Storm Waters

Embedded into the sloping embankments either side of Joynton Park, 2 sets of water stairs frame and animate the slightly sunken spatial experience. The stairs are set at a 45degree angle, training the water gently sideways. Subtly defying the expectations of gravity, the water performs the unexpected and falls diagonally down the stairs.


Storm Waters is an integral component of Victoria Park’s environmentally sustainable water treatment process. The sculptural stairs employ storm-water harvested in swales on the site and then further treated without the use of chemicals in an electro-magnetic filtration process. Water polluted and relegated to the drains is now purified, recycled and returned to the surface to play whilst performing both aeration and evaporative cooling functions.


Storm Waters reminds us of the drama of the storm whilst highlighting the concerns of urban pollution. Its sculptural form emphasises the water detention function of Joynton Park and hints at the significant Sydney aquifer that lies just below its surface.


Photography by Ian Hobbs Media and Patrick Bingham Hall.