Collaborations with Nature

Solar Sprays

Solar Sprays combines sustainable technology with the joyously poetic expression of dancing airborne liquid lines to celebrate the invisible processes of solar energy in a mesmerising and energetic fountain.


Clusters of solar panel modules arch towards the sun to 'soak up' its rays. The Solar Sprays absorb the sun's energy to power underground pumps that create a fanciful play of water through lines of flexible hose.


Unmediated energy from the solar panels has a direct effect on the pressure of the pumps. The stronger the sunlight the stronger the hoses' power to cause anything from gentle trickling on an overcast day to wild activity in bright sunshine. The power level is sensitive and responds immediately so that a cloud passing over the sun will cause a variation in the waters dance.


As an environmentally tuned artwork, Solar Sprays responds to changes in the time of the day, the weather and the seasons. As if sympathetically, it delivers its greatest performance and cooling effect in the midday heat of summer and invites all to play beneath its sprays.