Collaborations with Nature

Solar Flowers

A field of solar panel modules, inspired by a field of sunflowers, incline towards the sun and feast on its energy. Clusters of solar panels are elevated on tall, thin, stem-like legs. The Solar Flowers absorb the sun's energy just as a plant grows and inclines itself towards the sun's nourishing rays. In their form they are inspired by the delicate balance of the plant world and in their human scale they invite a respectful relationship of human culture to energy source and production.


Solar Flowers is a concept design for a repeatable unit structure to support solar arrays providing solar power to underground water pumps. As part of the remediation of waste-water, it is a concept aimed to convey the meaning and purpose of green technology on the Olympic Site in Sydney.


1. Visual demonstration of underground recycled water movement. Underground pipes emerge from the ground in a series of upside down 'U-bends'. Magnified viewing portholes offer the public the opportunity to visually inspect the recycled and remediated water.

2. Aeration of surface waters at State Sports Centre Dam Here solar powered fans aerate/ oxygenate static ponds to improve water quality, the water visibly ‘bubbling’ in direct response to the sun’s energy.


In their poetic simplicity, Solar Flowers celebrates and elucidates the ecological concerns of green technology embraced in the restoration and development of Homebush Bay.