Collaborations with Nature


The Slow-See-Saws concept proposes a cluster of monumental sculptural ‘seesaws’ forming a malleable, mutable landscape for Alumni Park at the University of New South Wales.


7-10 metres long, these minimal stone sculptural wedges pivot in weighty balance. Unlike regular seesaws, they not only gently tip but also slowly rotate to scribe 8-10 metre circles above the ground.


The installation invites people to ‘adjust the landscape’ and reposition the benches in relation to each-other. Surprisingly, slow gliding rotation is achieved by moving ones position up or down the wedge as well through pushing the object around its off-centred pivot.


Sitting, lying or walking on their bench-like forms we discover our individual and collective ability to effect both balance and rotation.


Slow See Saws invokes the idea, the act and the memory of play as their monumental masses are lightly tipped and turned with our interaction.