Collaborations with Nature

Orbit Tilt

Two rings hover one above the other to frame celestial skies and balance earthly bodies.


Orbit Tilt’s internal perimeters adopt the ancient and universal symbol of the circle derived from the sun and moon. Its’ elliptical external perimeters reference the elliptical paths of orbiting celestial bodies.


The upper aerial ring creates a fixed frame to highlight the ever-changing sky. It encircles the day’s clouds and night’s stars to draw into focus the sky’s multi-faceted nature and rhythms.


Like a large circular-shaped see-saw, the lower kinetic seating ring invites people to gather and actively engage with the sculpture. Activated by one or more people, balance is playfully displaced as people sit on opposite sides of the ring.


Orbit Tilt seeks to both heighten and physically engage our relationship to astronomy and its many cultural narratives through the formal and symbolic minimalism of the circle and the ellipse. Its double rings, one fixed to focus on the dynamism of the sky and the other dynamic to focus on our relationship to it and each other, encourages a multiplicity of engagement.