Collaborations with Nature

The Footbridge

As much an event as a fanciful and functional structure, The Footbridge is designed to give access to pedestrians whilst performing like an amusement ride. Here, fun and excess are paramount.


On board the floating walkway, subtle shifts of perception liberate our sense of weight and memory of firm ground. We enter the energetic spirit Sydney Harbour. The bridge allows us to rediscover nature through engineering.


The structural support is provided by a 50 metre long high strength steel tube made serpentine in shape. Connected to three ludicrously pink, fleshy and bulgy shaped pontoons and hinged at both ends to the boardwalk, it relies upon natural forces to bring it to life. The ever-changing tide, the unpredictable wave movements, and the weight of pedestrians interact to set this loopy, unwieldy creature in motion.


Painted in exaggerated pinks, lit with interactive lights at night, curving excessively in plan and continually undulating, this sculptural bridge, like the famous “FACE” on the other side of Luna Park, heralds our back entrance to the carnival. The Footbridge allows us to suspend reason and entertain sensation as we transit from the everyday to a world of fantasy, fun and make-believe.