Collaborations with Nature


Fan is a kinetic wind-driven sculpture of monumental scale that celebrates the centenary of women’s suffrage in Australia. Framed by Old Parliament House, Fan belies its enormous scale to float, flutter and glide in the wind. Its curved ‘blades’ scribe the intersecting arcs of a fan 16 metres in the air. Their perfect balance allows a sensitive response to the vagaries of the wind whilst bias weights return the sculpture to an open position at rest.


Fan’s monumental scale and freedom of movement reinvigorate a quintessentially feminine form with strength, power and independence. Wind driven, Fan stands against, as well as sensitively responds to, the energetic forces of its environment. At this most intrinsic level, strength and fluidity are fundamental to both form and meaning.


The position, structure and kinetic properties of the artwork reflect Canberra’s famous Land and Water Axis. Its supporting structure is centred on the Land Axis whilst the fluidly moving blades are aligned with the Water Axis. This essential connection binds the strength and energy of Fan to the underlying symbolism of the Nation’s Capital.


The perpetually changing motion of this energetic and dynamically responsive form honours the spirit of change women have brought to Australian politics and society. Fluidly weightless and monumentally strong, Fan celebrates an inclusive society able to withstand forces that would weaken it whilst remaining sensitive to forces small and large that seek to change it for the better.