Collaborations with Nature

How we work

Making art in the built environment

Turpin + Crawford create original artworks that require the expertise of multi-disciplinary teams to realise. From concept through research and design development the studio works confidently with a key team of design, engineering and delivery experts. As much inventions as artworks, the projects are prototyped before final fabrication to test technical and aesthetic function and facilitate fine-tuning and design certainty.

Turpin + Crawford are experienced in the interface requirements and processes of architects and other design professionals, councils, developers and the building industry. They work in stages to reflect industry practices and facilitate client confidence and engagement. The stages include concept and feasibility, design development and research, prototyping, fabrication, installation, commissioning and maintenance manuals.


Community and Environmental Art

Turpin + Crawford’s special interested in the environment and sustainability have lead to their development of a number of community environmental art installations.

The projects are devised to be both creative and educative experiences for the participants. An eduction program relating to the local environmental issues specific to the project is run in tandem with creative workshops that result in a large-scale environmental installation. The projects are extensive community collaborations involving many volunteers and participants.

Turpin + Crawford develop a framework art concept and design process that results in a significant community collaboration and an ambitious and celebratory community/environmental art outcome.


Public Art Master Planning and Curatorial Projects

Turpin + Crawford’s significant experience in the design and delivery of public, community and environmental artwork forms the basis of the Studio’s Public Art Master Planning service.

They approach the site or precinct with an artist’s sensitivity and sensibility and seek to understand and interpret the inherent qualities of the space as well as the opportunities, aspirations and character of the future development.

To this process they bring their knowledge of collaborative, consultative, design, developer and planning processes.

Public Art Master Plans typically consider the potential of a program of site-specific temporary and permanent artwork, community engagement and, where relevant, educational opportunities.

Turpin + Crawford also consult as Public Art Advisors and develop specialist Public Art Curatorial Projects.