Collaborations with Nature




Jennifer Turpin and Michaelie Crawford are environmental public artists who create kinetic installations engaging water, wind and light as sculptural media.  For over twenty years, they have created dynamic, site-specific artworks at the interface of art, science, nature and the built environment.

Working with nature’s elemental energies, their artworks are rhythmic, responsive and transformative ‘performances’ in the everyday life of the city.

At once puzzling, playful, mesmerising and contemplative, their works make visible the invisible and highlight the elemental forces of nature so often taken for granted.

Turpin + Crawford Studio work with scientists, engineers and specialist designers to realise their innovative sculptural projects.  They have participated in multi-disciplinary design teams and embrace specialist curatorial projects as part of their studio practice. Turpin + Crawford Studio have worked collaboratively on projects in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Singapore.



2017                 Nomanslanding, Tramway, Merchant City Festival, Glasgow, Scotland
2017                 Public art plans and art projects for Deicorp Developments - Westmead
2017                 Design development of integrated art in conjunction with McGregor Westlake architects and Hassell architects for 8 new rail stations
                         Sydney Metro North West Rail line         


2017                 S(w)ing, Heffron Hall, Darlinghurst, interactive swinging sculpture, City of Sydney
2016                 Operation Crayweed Art-Work-Site, Bondi, an environmental, performative and participatory art project, Sculpture by the Sea 2016
2016                 A-Round, Crowle Estate, Meadowbank, interactive seat sculpture, Deicorp Developments
2015                 Nomanslanding, presented in Cockle Bay Sydney, Ruhrort Germany and Glasgow, floating artwork, SHFA, Urbane Kunst Ruhr 
2015                 Water Falls, Sydney Park Storm Water Harvesting Project, integrated public art design, the City of Sydney
2012                 Halo, kinetic wind-activated artwork, Central Park, Sydney, the City of Sydney
2011                 Windlines, Scout Place, Circular Quay, Sydney, kinetic wind and text artwork, Scouts Australia and the City of Sydney
2009                 Sitting Stones, Trio Camperdown, Sydney, interactive installation, Frasers Property
2007                 River Quiver, Murrurundi, Hunter Valley NSW, wind activated temporary community artwork 
2003                 Water Swing, Sydney, kinetic water sculpture, Multiplex Constructions
2002                 Storm Waters, Joynton Park, Victoria Park, Sydney, environmental water sculpture, Landcom NSW
2001                 Ghost Windows, Supreme Court, Sydney, light sculpture, for the NSW Attorney Generals Department
1999                 Tied To Tide, Pyrmont Point Park, Sydney, floating tidal sculpture for Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority
1998                 Time Rings, Leichhardt, Sydney, interactive stone sculpture, Bicentennial Park Stage II, Leichhardt Municipal Council
1997                 Tank, Downing Centre Tunnel, Museum Station, Sydney, kinetic light installation for NSW Attorney General’s Department
1997                 Water Sculpture, Brisbane International Airport
1996                 The Memory Line, for Restoring The Waters, Fairfield, Australian Conservation Foundation
1995                 Well, Westmead, Sydney, water sculpture for The New Children’s Hospital
1995                 Drawers of Water, Westmead, Sydney, water sculpture for The New Children’s Hospital


2016                 Churchill Fellowship - Jennifer Turpin
2016                 American Architecture Prize, Landscape Architecture category – Sydney Park Water Reuse Project 
2016                 Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences Award
2015                 Sydney Design Award - Environmental Design
2015                 LNL Excellence Award Sustainable Landscape for Water Falls and Sydney Park design
2012                 Engineers Australia, Sydney, President’s Prize for Halo
2008                 NSW Local Government & Shires Cultural Award-programs projects & partnerships for Turning the Pages Project
2004                 Energy Australia & National Trust Heritage Award for the King Street Court Complex including Ghost Windows
2003                 Planning NSW Award for design for Storm Waters at Victoria Park, Sydney
2003                 Lloyd Rees Civic Award, RAIA (Royal Australian Institute of Architects), for Storm Waters at Victoria Park, Sydney
2000                 RAIA (Royal Australian Institute of Architects) jury award for the Water Swing, Sydney
2000               ARUP (NAWIC) award - Art in the Built Environment for Tied to Tied
1999                 ARUP (NAWIC) merit award - Art in the Built Environment for Tank
1997                 Award of Excellence, AILA (NSW & ACT) Memory Line artwork with Schaffer Barnsley Landscape Architects


2014-17             Sydney Metro North West - integrated rail art strategy, planning and design with Hassell architects and MW architects
2012-13             Barangaroo Central Masterplan with SOM Architects Chicago, & Andersen Hunter Horne, Denmark and Sydney
2011/12             Artists In Residence (A.I.R.) Temporary Public Art Project, Central Park
2009/12             Frasers Broadway Central Park Public Art Strategy and temporary and permanent public art advice and curation, Client: Frasers Broadway 
2008/09             Barangaroo Stage One Competition, Art Strategy and art concepts with Brookfield Multiplex and Hassell team
2006                  East Darling Harbour Competition, Barangaroo public art concepts for Stage 2 winning team PBA, Hill Thalis, JILA 


2006                 Models of Fan and Tidal Cranes in Supermodels, Object Gallery, Sydney
2004                 Holy Ghost, site: [unseen], Dank Street Depot, Sherman Galleries, Sydney
1999                 Tank and Tied To Tide, images in Sydney Metropolis, Museum of Sydney
1996                 Green Noise II, Transformers, Auckland City Art Gallery, New Zealand
1995                 The Water Axis, Canberra National Sculpture Forum, Lake Burley Griffin, Jennifer Turpin with Peter Tonkin & Gail McDermott
1993                 Water Works V, water installation, The Fifth Australian Sculpture Triennial, NGV, Melbourne - Jennifer Turpin
1992                 Water Works IV, water installation, Annandale Galleries, Sydney - Jennifer Turpin
1992                 In the Hoist Shaft, water installation, Synthesis 6, a collaboration - Jennifer Turpin with architect James Grose, MSB Bond Store, Sydney
1992                 Water Works III, water installation, Australian Perspecta, AGNSW- Jennifer Turpin
1990                 Drawers of Water, water sculpture, “Inland: A Spatial Heritage”, The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne - Jennifer Turpin
1987                 Without the Walls, installation, “Histories”, The Performance Space, Sydney - Jennifer Turpin
1985                 A Split Second of Paradise, performance, London, Nottingham, United Kingdom - Jennifer Turpin with Station House Opera







Professional Awards and Personal Grants

2012 Engineers Australia Sydney Division Engineering Excellence Awards, Presidents Prize for Halo 

2012 Churchill Fellowship by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust - J. Turpin
2008 NSW Local Government & Shires Cultural Award-Programs Projects & Partnerships for Turning the Pages
2006 Professional Development Grant, Visual Arts & Crafts Board, Australia Council, Sydney – J.Turpin
2004 Energy Australia & National Trust Heritage Award for King Street Court Complex including ‘Ghost Windows’
2003 Planning NSW Award for Design for Storm Waters Victoria Park, Sydney
2003 Lloyd Rees Civic Award, Royal Australian Institute of Architects for Storm Waters at Victoria Park, Sydney
2000 Royal Australian Institute of Architects Jury Award for Artwork for Water Swing, Sydney.
2000 National Association Of Women in Construction, ARUP Merit Award - Art in the Built Environment for Tied to Tied 1999 National Association Of Women in Construction ARUP Merit Award - Art in the Built Environment for Tank
1997 Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (NSW & ACT groups) Award of Excellence Landscape Artwork for 'Restoring the Waters', collaboration Schaffer Barnsley
1996 Professional Development Grant, Visual Arts & Crafts Board, Australia Council, Sydney – J.Turpin
1993 Sir Frank Packer Bursary, University of Sydney – M. Crawford
1993 Community Cultural Development Unit Grant, Marketing and Promotions, for Art Injection - M.Crawford
1992 Pat Corrigan Grant NAVA – M.Crawford
1991 & 93 Project Grants, Visual Arts/Crafts Board, Australia Council, Sydney, for the Artist Run Initiative Art Engineering Studios (founding member) – J.Turpin
1991 Project Grant, Visual Arts/Crafts Board, Australia Council, Sydney – J.Turpin
1991 Community Cultural Development Unit Project Grant, for Art Injection – M.Crawford
1982 Arthur Macquarie Post Graduate Travelling Scholarship, University of Sydney – J. Turpin


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