Collaborations with Nature


Turpin + Crawford Studio is the award winning public art practice of artists Jennifer Turpin and Michaelie Crawford. Their work focuses on the design and production of site-specific artworks in the public domain. The studio more broadly engages in public art master planning and curatorial projects, community and environmental projects and the multidisciplinary design of public space. Jennifer and Michaelie’s practice is based in Sydney where they have over 18 years experience at the interface of art, environment and the public domain.



Turpin + Crawford create site-specific kinetic artworks at the interface of art, science, nature and the built environment. Sculptural form engages energy to become both animate and performative. The works explore the mesmerising and unexpected rhythms of environmentally reactive movement, and the hypnotic draw of slow choreographed motion. Creating a nexus between form, energy, environment and audience, the works seek to heighten our awareness of being in time and in space.